MIND GAMES: 4 Steps to Winning the Battle With Your Thoughts

Photo by Livia Vlaicu

We all experience setbacks and failure. Often we know that it’s just part of life and we quickly move on, but sometimes it switches something in us, making us think that we should settle because we will never get what we want.

And you know what? You are right. As soon as you condition yourself to believe that, that is exactly what you will get. Your thoughts lead you to your actions and your actions dictate the quality of your life.

Yes, thoughts are incredibly powerful but the beautiful thing is that you have power over them.

Here are four ways you can teach your mind to create piece by piece the life you have always dreamed of.

1. Learn to Block Out Unwated Thoughts and Behaviors 

Challenge yourself to analyze your thoughts, your actions, and your behavior during one day. Just one.

Did you get angry? Stop for a second and think about how you could have stayed calm.

Did you say bad things about someone? Think about what value it brought to the conversation. I’m sure the answer is “none,” so next time you can consciously make the decision to not do that again.

Did you spill coffee on your brand new shirt this morning and it put you in a bad mood? Ask yourself what is the worst consequence of that event? Who was harmed in the process? Yes, you’re right. Nobody was harmed and the consequence is that you have to put on another shirt, that’s it. Don’t get mad, laugh at it, and go on with your day.

Do you constantly have negative thoughts telling you that you are going to fail that exam? Think about how stressing out is going to help you do well on that exam. It won’t, it’s just a waste of energy and you don’t need that.

Creating a habit of “checking in” with yourself during the day to make sure you are spreading good vibes, thinking positive thoughts, and being a nice person will change your attitude in those tricky situations; and ultimately change your life for the better.

Photo by Livia Vlaicu

2. Don’t Allow Trash

Anything you see and hear goes straight to your subconscious mind, and shapes who you are. This can be good or bad.

It’s bad news because we are all drowning in information, and can’t control everything you we exposed to. But if instead of watching a reality show, you watch something educational or positive, you will definitely see a difference in your life.

It’s good news because you can think of your mind as a garden that needs love and care. Don’t allow trash in your garden. You want it to be beautiful. It needs flowers that are “just” pretty, and also trees that allow you to share their fruits with the people around you.

3. Be Grateful and Become a Magnet For Miracles

If every evening before going to bed you write down three things that you are grateful for, your brain will learn to look out for the good in any situation. At first you are going to pay more attention during the day, because you know you have to write something down, but after a few weeks it will become natural for you to think about the things you are truly grateful for. Eventually, without even realizing it, you will attract more beautiful things into your life. It’s not a naïve thing to do, it’s science and it works. You get what you focus your mind on.

“Feel the power from focusing on what excites you.”

-Oprah Winfrey

4. Work With What You Have

Always make the best out of the resources you have, even if they are small. Don’t be sad you are not where you want to be yet. Instead of being sad about it, take the first step forward. Even if it’s a really small step, at least, you are not standing still. And when you’re not going backwards, nor standing still, you are moving forward. That can only mean one thing: you will eventually get there.

So are you ready to take care of the garden in your mind and make it a beautiful place to be?

Before we say goodbye, please share in the comments what is one insight you are taking away from this article, or a tip that you would like everyone else to know!

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