#IMPRETTY: UNDER ARMOUR’s Fight Against “Compliments”

The goal of any marketing campaign, at its core, is to increase sales for a company.

However, a truly successful marketing campaign is one that not only encourages investment in a certain product, but increases alignment between the target audience and the brand. This is how you get repeat customers, and encourage brand loyalty. This is good business.

So, let’s talk about our good friends over at Under Armour.

More importantly, let’s talk about what they’re doing right for themselves, their customers, and our society as a whole.

Under Armour’s #IMPRETTY campaign is one of several that have arisen from the ashes of a once patriarchal society to encourage ladies to be themselves and show off the things that make us awesome.

Their campaign, which you can learn more about by visiting their Instagram, @underarmourwomen, or their website at undrarmr.co/ImPretty is essentially a beautifully minimalist campaign focused on redefining what women are recognized for.

The ad, if you haven’t seen it (which you totally should), focuses on how calling a girl “pretty” is still considered the highest of compliments, regardless of what they’ve accomplished.

And, well, Under Armour politely calls bullshit on that.

Since Under Armour is an athletic brand, it isn’t surprising to see a page full of awesome lady athletes doing awesome lady athlete things and looking amazing doing it. And no, I don’t just mean pretty, I mean these women and girls are showing their greatness and looking like a legion of warrior women about to literally smash the patriarchy with their bare hands while doing it.

Obviously, this is great for about a million reasons.

An ad campaign focusing on how brilliant, fierce, determined, and capable women are is already a tremendous win in and of itself. We know this. The fact that it calls out the habit for women to be complimented on what they look like over anything else that they do only makes it that much better. However, the real victory of this campaign outside of discouraging bad habits and encouraging representation, is the fact that they encourage women to participate.

This isn’t just Under Armour’s I’m Pretty campaign.

No, there is a hashtag there, friends.

Do you know why?

It’s so women can jump in and show the many ways that they can finish the sentence “I’m pretty…” be it with one of the campaign options like “smart” or “bold” or “strong” or with something of their own that they feel empowers them and makes them great.

Basically, we’re talking an entire trending hashtag focused on ladies showing off the things that they want to be recognized for.

Let me just say: I am here for this.

So, get online and join this campaign.

Show the world what you want to be recognized for. Show them the things that you have done that are more relevant than your pretty face (though I know you’re all also uniquely stunning).

Show them who you are and what you’re capable of.

But, most importantly, show the world that this is the future of female:

Strong, brilliant, talented, and unapologetic.

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