What To Do With Valentine’s Day Decorations After Valentine’s Day

So many decorations are made for this one day. Whether you’re a willing participant or not, all of February is coated with paper hearts, candy, and flowers. So here are a few tips for those pink and red decorations covering your home after Valentine’s Day.

After Valentine's Day
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Literally roses are everywhere, and after Valentine’s Day I am tempted to buy them because they are so cheap. Well, for the day where roses are bursting at the seams, why not be an American Beauty yourself? That’s right, rub those petals all over, sing “At Last,” and pamper yourself.Yup, roses can be made into a body scrub. Or better yet, if they are pesticide free eat them! They can be used for salads, so go ahead and give your insides a little romance!


Another item that has either cluttered our lives, or is villainously on sale. Be it we are tired of having so much Hershey’s in the house, or we need a clever reason to clear the guilt from buying candy in Costco sized bulk, I give you… transform and re-gift.

It’s easy to sell it off, and you didn’t buy those treats to stuff your face. Nooo, you were planning to bake chocolate drop cookies, and you were going to use those sweet hearts to make a seasonal sugar scrub. So stop judging me healthy voice, I only ate half the pound bag of candy and I am giving the rest to my coworkers.



Have a photoshoot! Yes, now is your chance to have one of those adorable Instagram photos we all screenshot. You can create anything from the Pinterest inspired desk to the fairytale walk in the park, so grab your cutest dress and your Galentine and start shooting.

Burn It:

This one is dedicated to those out there who are part of the big break up surge before Valentine’s Day. For that I recommend a nice gathering of all the Valentine’s Day things you may or may not have purchased, and have a nice bonfire or a cook out. Put on a little Lemonade while you’re at it.



Were you drowning in V-Day decorations after Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments about the creative ways you got rid of them.

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