Alex Hayden Rejuvenates Grace Through Her New Podcast 

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Audrey Hepburn, Dorthy Dandridge, and Marilyn Monroe are arguably the most memorable actresses of their time. Each of them were known for captivating audiences with their superb talent, but they had a little bit more in common — GRACE! Yes, their gentle walk, their delicate smiles, and their pristine attire all tie to that simple word.

Alexandra Wolf, Founder of #BossBabe Inc., is elegantly bringing back Grace and all the power it holds. Through her brand new Podcast, Grace Radio, she plans to help people see the simple beauties of life. Wolf, who now goes by Alex Hayden, launched Episode One on Monday, February 6th — at a wapping 6am for us West Coast folks! Yet, I must say it helped me ease into the week with well… Grace. “I’m sending my episodes out on Mondays for a reason,” Wolf states.  “Monday is usually when we let all that peace we cultivated over the weekend fly right out the window.” Since millions of people around the world dread Mondays, I think she’s really on to something here.

The episode begins with Wolf defining grace as “putting effort into being effortless,” truly capturing the essence of her brand and the tone of the teachings to follow. In a mere 17 minutes and 31 seconds, she continues to dive into the meaning of Grace and its importance. Wolf impeccably intertwines Grace and Confidence stating “you can have things wrong with you and still love yourself,” a person who has Grace would think, “I’m not going to put my happiness on the shelf, I’m going to experience it today, even though my hair isn’t the way I want it, or my life isn’t the way I want it.” This statement resonated with me, because as women we incessantly strive to hide or modify our flaws, when instead we should embrace our uniqueness.

Wolf further describes Grace as an art that takes a great deal of practice to master, humbly acknowledging “I am a student with you.” Accepting your flaws and being hopeful in times of despair can’t be accomplished overnight, but to achieve such a thing is true Grace. Most notably, Michelle Obama’s famous “when they go low, we go high,” quote represents how a person with Grace would conduct themselves. However, make no mistake, as Wolf later states “Grace is not hushing up.” She carefully distinguishing Grace from abuse explaining “speaking up for yourself is Graceful.” This especially applies to women, because it’s so engrained in us that being lady-like is simply nodding and smiling; when in fact the ability to exquisitely articulate yourself is the epitome of a lady.

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Episode One closes with Wolf remembering her late grandmother and her ability to focus on the future. “Don’t let things that make you angry today, be the reason why you’re still angry tomorrow,” she iterates. Wolf challenges listeners to concentrate on the things that really matter in order to carry out the genuine meaning of Grace.

Personally, I find Wolf’s movement to be a necessity for our generation. Social media quickly popularized negative habits, with many striving to achieve Instafame. Channeling Grace could bring us back to those times of the Hepburn’s and the Dandridge’s creating a greater sense of happiness for our highly depressed generation. We aren’t saying you should do the dishes in heels, but rather carry yourself in a way that encourages you and those around you to step their game up; and you can do this right now by simply embracing who you are.

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Grace Radio airs Monday’s at 9:00am EST and I encourage you to join Wolf’s VIP list to get it delivered straight to your inbox. Happy Listening!

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