How To #ActivateYourSexy In An Instagram World – Featuring Kristel David

In an Instagram crazed world it’s almost impossible not to compare yourself to others, especially as a woman.  Scroll after scroll we are constantly reminded of what we do or don’t look like. This girl’s hair is perfect, that girl has curves in all the right places… and it goes on 24/7 making us feel less and less comfortable in our own skin.

As the only generation to ever experience the “IG Baddie” life, it’s a lot to handle; and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. So what’s a girl to do when your confidence is constantly being tested?


Yes, it’s really that simple. Now the process itself isn’t, as it requires carefully rewiring our brains to showcase that inner Beyoncé, but true confidence does exist in all of us.

The other day, my friend and mother of four, Kristel David, posted one of the sexiest pics I have ever seen from her. And I say from her because we all know it gets much more risqué on the gram. Her caption captivated me stating “dedicated to all the ladies, especially wifeys who are tired of feeling like you can’t keep up to the insta girls who own their sexiness on a daily for you, your man and the world to see.”

This made me realize the notion of comparing yourself to others can go far beyond the single life. So I sat down with Kristel to dive a deeper into the cruel Insta world we all so “fortunately” live in. Check out the video below:

I highly recommend you read Kristel’s How Social Media Tested my Faith in WifeComplex but led me to Activate My Sexy! post. She posed some incredibly thought provoking questions that challenges us women to be more confident.

Now I challenge you, single or married, to #ActivateYourSexy. Building up your own confidence will help you really survive out here whether Instagram exists or not. If you’re feeling a little out of place, check out our 6 Ways to Build Your Confidence post. Confident girls are killing it, and it’s your turn to believe in YOU! Kill the idea of criticizing women on Instagram for posting sexy pics, it’s their body and you are no better or worse than them. We tend to react out of anger and pain and start putting other women down — which really says more about us than the girl in the picture.

So to my ladies on the other side of this discussion confidently posting pics of your body, I commend you. It’s truly nobody’s business or place to decide what you can or cannot post of your body.

And to women as a whole… let’s continue to activate our sexy and dominate the gram as the kickass gender we are. Let’s face it, the guys are only on there because of us anyway. So join along in the movement and post your IG Baddie pics with the hashtag #ActivateYourSexy.

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