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What is Klassy Verre?

Life as a smart, driven woman can be exhausting. We spend all day tirelessly trying to be the best version of ourselves, only to be left feeling alone and misunderstood. Then there's the inevitable visit from Aunt Flow, the double standards of promiscuity, and the media constantly tearing our bodies apart. No wonder we just want to curl up in bed with Netflix! Thank goodness for mani pedis and stilettos to get us through the rough days. Yet, we still crave genuine support from women who understand our frustrations. 

Introducing Klassy Verre, a private membership resource for ambitious millennial women. We are the tribe of women for you to turn to. Together we'll celebrate your greatest accomplishments, and guide you through your darkest hours. Whether you are earning your degree, aspiring to dominate your industry, or starting a business, Klassy Verre is the judgment free safe haven designed to help you succeed. As founder of Klassy Verre, I'm doing all of the above; and no one understands us like us. I know how much it sucks to be held to societal standards, how lonely you can feel on your journey to the top, and the frustration of the one chipped nail that ruins your entire manicure. 


Through Klassy Verre, you will connect with prestigious millennial women both online and in-person. Members are exclusively educated through our cutting edge career tips, powerful personal development strategies, and state of the art advice from experts around the world. We encourage our members to defy societal standards and celebrate life through our Think Freely, Laugh Daily motto. We also have fun quizzes, comedic articles, and ways to enjoy being you... a strong minded, goal oriented, woman living your life, your way. Your life is both a masterpiece and a work in progress, and together we will take you to new heights.


What the Verre?

You're probably wondering how we got our name. Well...

Klassy Verre:
/ˈklasē/ \vɛʀ\

1. French translation: glass; women shattering the glass ceiling
synonyms: brave, indestructible, determined

1. a private membership resource for ambitious millennial women to Think Freely, Laugh Daily

The Gang



Krystal Aaron is a Disney lover and Feminist who can't resist a good karaoke session. After years of struggling with depression, Krystal decided to create a community for ambitious young women. She is now on a mission to empower an army of women who will work together to achieve their dreams. Born to West Indian parents, Krystal loves to travel and stuff her face with yummy food from around the world. With a decade of leadership experience and an Accounting degree, Krystal is shaping up to be a millennial powerhouse. You can read more about her story in the Amazon Best-Selling book:

Instagram: @krystal_aaron



Annisha Hinkle works in marketing for a boutique live events and concert promoter in Los Angeles. She's your typical type A oldest child and stubborn Scorpio who spends her days wishing she was sipping a glass of wine while reading the latest Emma Watson's feminist book club pick, and her nights screaming the lyrics at concerts. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it. As an avid pop culture junkie, she enjoys "Happy Endings" marathons, trying new restaurants and traveling anywhere her feet can take her. You can follow her adventures in food and entertainment on Twitter and Instagram @annishahinkle.



Reed Sights is a writer, comedian and actress in Los Angeles who appreciates apples, games, and absinth. She grew up moving around the country living in Missouri, Hawaii and northern and Southern California. You can find her performing at the Lexington in downtown LA or track her on She also has a sci-fi story blog, give it a read at 1012rulesofspace.com Instagram: @reedzbooks.



Guna Meldere is creative Latvian girl living a dream in Scotland. "World is magic, every day is new experience and every step is amazing journey." Guna is branding and marketing enthusiast loving to help passionate bossbabes to build and grow business online, she is unshakable optimist dedicated to help millennial women become the person they want to be. Get your dose of sparkle at www.gunameldere.com Instagram: @gunameldere.passionista